Bookkeeping Checklists!

Bookkeeping for your company can get overlooked real quick and then all of the sudden you have hours and hours worth of catch up work to do! Not to mention keeping track of the hours you spent per client and invoicing them! It can get out of control quick if you don't keep up with it right away! Over the next few weeks I will be introducing my bookkeeping checklist. Today will be the daily checklist and to follow will be weekly, monthly, and yearly. So make sure you subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on when the others will be released!!! 1. Check your accounts! If there is anything unusual or suspicious you want to make sure you catch it and take action right away! And it’s a good time to add in your expenses/receipts from the day prior if you have any! 2. Invoice Customers! This pertains to those of us that are billing at an hourly rate or have daily orders coming in. Keep a running invoice for your client to add your hours daily so you don’t lose track. *QUICKBOOK ONLINE USERS: check out this blog to learn how to use the delayed charge feature*

3. Open Mail/Enter Bills! This is important to do as your bills are usually all due at different times with different terms. This task is great to do daily so that your reporting is accurate AND you can properly project your cashflow! *Stay tuned for upcoming blogs regarding cashflow!*

4.Follow up on all accounting questions! Be it customers or your vendors make sure to tackle to questions/concerns right away. The more fresh these situations are the easier it is to answer and or resolve them. You’re busy so the small details of a concern can get forgotten easily!

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