How to Color Code: Your Business

#ColorCoding is a pretty well known/used tip, however, I feel like this is one you really have to commit to. Engrain those colors in you! Color coding works great for personal and for business. Here is how I color code my business as a service based company. These steps can apply though to any type of business. Instead of reading client below insert department and use the color coding to separate tasks and deliverables with your colors!


  1. Every client receives their OWN color. When I'm onboarding a client I choose their color. I try to match a color to their logo or some sort of color attribution for the business type. This does get harder as you build your client list. Thank God there are so many colors! I have also done color combinations. One thing that has really helped me is purchasing a large pack of marker pen set for journaling. There are so many hues and shades of colors that really expand the choices for you to assign colors to your clients.

2.I create a "calendar" for you my client in

Google Calendar. And guess what you get to change the color for the calendar that will show on your main calendar! This is amazing for at a glance looks. Every week I plan out the large tasks for the week for each

client. Then everyday I revise and add to my days for more details of my tasks. Once you add a new calendar you can choose what color to assign to your client. If you need to create a custom color click on the "+" sign under the list of color options!

3. Planner. While most everything is digital these days and you are able to access it at the tip of your fingers. I STILL like to write it all out in my planner. (where the colorful pens come into play!) There is something about physically writing out my plans/tasks/todo's that I really enjoy. So this step may be a little redundant for some and for others (like me 🙋🏻‍♀️) you will enjoy this! Some days are so busy that I do not have time to do both (Google Calendar and my planner) but at the end of the day I will plug the information in. And the best part of writing it out is being able to cross it off/put a check mark by it!!! I use the color assigned to my client to write out the list. The beauty about this is I do not have to write any notation of what client this is for. It is all in the color!

4. Filing. This is an ongoing step but once you have a color assigned to your client I also carry those colors over to my filing system. This makes it so easy to go directly to your client's files when looking for specific documents. Add folders as needed depending on what you need to file or save! I have a large stockpile of colorful folders/hanging file folders - some where the color is assigned, others where they are still awaiting their assignment! My husband probably thinks I am nuts! But when I am shopping and see another color I alway grab it for a future client! You can NEVER have enough organization tools! I may have a slight addiction to them! But it works!

5. Phone Contacts. This is pertaining to iPhone users (sorry androids!) but I am sure this is doable on a droid as well! However - I customize my clients contact icon to match their color assignment! It is a small way to add the whole organization theme here. I primarily use in in the messages app. I can scroll much quick right to our text thread by just looking for that color! Another I option I do (which droids can too!) is to assign my clients company logo as their contact icon - especially if their logo is colorful and has the color I use for them!

You can never be too organized! I am constantly looking for new ways to streamline my work and make things easier and less time-consuming! I love being able to just take a glance and see blue and know that is for Client 3.

Bonus Tip!!! Do not forget to add a color for YOUR Business! This is huge - while you have your work cut out for you for your clients you still have your own business tasks to take care of!

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