How to Dress for the Job YOU Want.

Wether you work from home or in an office there is something to be said about "dressing for the job you WANT". It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy or it is telling people to please judge this book as it's cover - you know everything you were told not to do as a kid. However! There is some truth to it - dressing as a well put together professional will get you that respect more than dressing like you just rolled out of bed and your job/position is nothing to care about.

When YOU portray yourself as more confident, knowledgable, and stern; you internally are going to feel that yourself. And nothing expresses what you deserve more than YOU.

Luckily dressing for successes doesn't have to be as expensive as it sounds! But dressing for the job you want does mean a little extra time in the morning or even getting up early and getting ready while you are working from home. You know you can tell someone's tone over the phone? Well when you get up - get dressed - and get ready - you will feel great about yourself and you will convey that over the phone, email, any communication. Plus who doesn't want to feel great even for just theirselves? I do!

So here are the tips to help you get started:

1.Be YOUrself. you are not going to come across as confident and cool if you are uncomfortable and miserable. Find the success style that YOU LOVE!

2.Not too flashy. Keep it simple and chic with a touch of your style. Definitely have you flare and what makes YOU, YOU!

3.Confident Fit. Find the clothing that FITS YOU perfectly. When you have clothing that flatters you and looks just right on you - you will exude confidence. And confidence is one of the best qualities an employee can have.

4. Company Culture. Build your style off of the culture around you. Fitting in will help you excel to the top!

5. Final Presentation. Now that you have you wardrobe all ready for the job YOU want; presenting yourself is just as important. Make sure your clothes are cleaned, wrinkle-free, and stain-free. You could have the most professional outfit but if it has a stain, rib or wrinkle it will look sloppy! Present yourself just as great as you dress!

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