International Woman's Day 💁‍♀️

#InternationWomansDay seems like an excellent day to tell you my (you know - a woman) story.

I have worked since I was fourteen years old. Togo's was my first job. I vowed never to work with food again after that (I mean I did like 1 more time but then I quickly remembered..ew!). I went to school and worked and had a wonderful support system with my family. At one point I had FOUR part-time jobs at ONCE! I never sat still and you know what I loved it! I was constantly on the go and always busy. My style. As I got older I started getting #BigGirlJobs and I loved it! I started as an #AdminAssistant then got jobs focusing on different departments. Then I got my first #OfficeManager job. I was involved in every department and oversaw everything. I got to hire my OWN assistant. I was 22 years old. From there on out each job I took got a little better, a little more responsibility, and a little more pay. #ShowMeTheMoney

Fast-forward to 2018 - I was working for my favorite company and favorite two bosses. I LEARNED so much from them. They were -still are- the best. They didn't just dictate, they sat there and taught me. I grew so much working there - expanding my experience in numerous roles (#accounting, #sales, #marketing, and #managerial). Simultaneously my Aunt (she is supper kick ass - I am her mini-me if you will) well she started her own business and needed a bookkeeper. (I am #QuickbooksCertified ) She asked me to do it for her. I said "uh heck yes!". So I did. She inspired me to want to do more and start my own business. So I did. #AMBookkeeper - my first venture and have been doing great with it. I love it. But you know what? I love more than just #bookkeeping/#accounting ... I want to do it all. Anything people need. So I did it again. I created #demandAV and here I am -and here you are reading my story! It has now gotten to the point that by August (when I am due with my first daughter 💗) I will be able to be a "stay/work from home" mom. Let me tell you that is one of the most amazing feelings out there.

Happy International Woman's Day to all the woman- SCRATCH that! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY to all the MEN AND WOMAN that made their dreams come true! #MakeItHappen #BeHappy

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