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If you are like me you live off of your Dropbox. I have 2 laptops, my desktop, and my phone and I am able to access all my files from anywhere and I love it. This has also been a crucial part of being able to still work while we have been on lockdown from this pandemic. Easily able to share with clients and pull up older documents.

Well as I was on the phone helping solve a mini-crisis, I started getting all these notifications "23 files have been deleted" over and over! I am PANICKING!!!! On the verge of major tears. I do not know what I did but I hit a button somewhere on accident and my Dropbox was clearing everything out! I told myself as soon as I #solve my client's issue I will solve mine...I mean after all thats what people pay me for!

After I took several LARGE breaths, I opened my dropbox folder. EVERYTHING GONE. I went onto logged in. Still everything gone. And then! I saw Rewind Dropbox on the righthand side. OMG what a LIFESAVER!!!

It let me choose the date and time to reset my whole account to. I was able to recover EVERYTHING and that was years and years worth of work and documents. I then allowed myself to cry happy tears because #relief.

You may already know about this feature or this may be new information but just know there is peace of mind using Dropbox know that I can fix my errors - I am human, it happens!

Dropbox menu to choose Rewind Dropbox

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