Sell Sell Sell. Call Call Call.

We all hate the cold callers that call at all hours - until

we really think about it. They are just like

us- #SmallBusinesses trying to grow their customer list and sales. Then about 15 sec after that thought I regress back to "Please, take me off of your list." And honestly - it may be a service and/or item I would really need today or one day but - I did not ask; therefor I do not want.

SO what I came up with was replacing one step. Instead of doing a Google Maps search of

companies near by - go to Craigslist , Indeed, for the service you offer. See what companies #NEED and how YOU can be the #SOLUTION to their problem. They may be looking to hire an in-house employee; maybe a Virtual Anything has never even crossed their mind. Send an email / pick up the phone, briefly describe what you do and how this may just be more beneficial for them and their company. (Please refer to my other blog post for why beneficial!) If anything - they have your contact information - there may be a time they just need a project done and a very very part time person and you might just be the one they think of!

No go get 'em! You got this!

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