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Many of us have now been working from home - either we have always or we are now due to Stay At Home Orders. And while there are soo many benefits to working from home sometimes staying productive and on top of your tasks can be hard - especially when you have your whole family home with you.

Here are some tips to help you stay productive and make sure you getting all of your work done!

1. Keep your #routine! Or start one now! Enjoy that morning coffee, go for your run, get dressed and ready. Do things for you to help you stay in your groove. Keeping a routine will help you feel like you are still doing your normal daily schedule. While somethings may be closed or shut down limiting your typical routine now is a great time to implement a new one!

2.LIST LIST LIST. I am a firm believer in creating a to-do list. I probably do it several times a day - either adding to my original or creating a whole new one. This really allows you to see everything you need to accomplish and be able to prioritize. And who doesn't like to cross something off your list once its completed?! I do!!!

3.Create your #workspace! Designate a specific spot, area, location, that is for work only! Set it up the way YOU want it! Order those accessories and organization supplies to make your workspace the most efficient space as possible. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and have everything you need handy. Or maybe you are like me and you put your printer across the room so you are FORCED to get up every time you print something to get a few extra steps in Most important make things how you want them!

4. Communication is key! Now all of your employees/co-workers are in different locations and collaborating on projects and tasks isn't as simple as walking into their office. Make sure yours and everyone else's deliverables have clear deadlines and updates for your whole team. If your team is very busy and have a lot going one maybe you have a daily conference call with everyone giving updates, or maybe you are not as busy and you can get by with a weekly meeting. Just make sure you are continuously communicating with your team and staying up to date with all of the news for your company.

5. Take your breaks. While this can be done in excess, it is extremely important to walk away so you do not get burnt out. Make your lunch and sit at your kitchen table to eat. Watch a quick show as your lunch break. Take a walk to your mailbox. Throw the ball for you dog outside. Just let yourself decompress throughout the day so that you can stay fresh and focused when you are sitting in you killer workspace!

I am interested to hear any other Tips & Tricks any one else has experienced! Share with us! I know I can use all the help i can get!

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