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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Are you just starting out and feel like you are all over the place with a million things to do? Or are you an established growing company that their to-do list just keeps growing and growing? Either way you have a lot to do and little time to do so. Insert #demandAV. We want to take a load off your shoulders and help you achieve those #RESULTS faster! Virtual Assistance have been taking off and becoming more and more popular. They bring benefits to your company that you may not even realize. If you are at that point where are you contemplating hiring a Virtual Assistant or a virtual agency (whether it is #demandAV or not!)to help with your workload here are a few pros to add to that pro/con list!

  1. More time for YOU! You run a company!! Every issue and every success is brought to YOU. If there were 3 of you maybe, just maybe, you would be able to get all of your to-do list done and allow you time to #relax - let a virtual agency be "You #2" and "You #3".

2. Strengthen your voids. You are really good at ALOT. You started your own business. You made a career. But! All business owners have things they may not be great at or just plain do not like to do. Hiring a VA for that specific need (something they may be an expert in) will make your company that much greater!

3. Cut Overhead. By hiring a VA you are getting rid of the added payroll taxes/withholdings that an in house employee would incur. Don't have all that office space for in-house employees? You don't need to with a VA. Utility bills are bound to raise when you have more employees (i.e. electrical). Those cost are none when you have a VA. Those savings can be spent elsewhere for your company to blossom.

4. Collab and Teamwork. You know when you hit that wall and your creativity seems to dwindle? Or when you just can't seem to see any other options to remedy a situation? Having a VA is having another brain out there with more #ideas and #solutions for you! Adding a VA to your team will spark greater collaboration with everyone expanding what you have done and can do!

If you are interested in working with demandAV send us a MESSAGE and see how we can help you #SUCCEED

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