World Book Day 📖

Happy #WorldBookDay. It's a thing. I looked it up. I never was too into books until I became an entrepreneur. I had something I was interested in and I couldn't put a book down when I started reading and #LEARNING !! Presently I have about 3 going right now. I truly just love it!

Today I want to recommend a book. One that I really REALLY loved, learned, and laughed my a$$ off!

"The 5 Second Rule" by #MelRobbins GO BUY IT NOW! Now - when i heard the tittle I thought "if this is about how I can eat food after it falls on the floor I am WELL AWARE of that". It's not. Its about getting off your butt and doing it! Whatever IT is for you. Just do it. Change your habits. Change your directions. Make it happen for you!

I highly recommend it! It is on audible (confession: that's how I "read" it) BUT #MelRobbins is hilarious and wonderful to listen to! get the book/audible!

That is all. Happy World Book Day! 📖

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